Our Vision

Linn County will be a county
of healthy people in
healthy communities.

Our Mission

The Linn County Health Department is responsible for promoting and protecting health, assessing health status, prioritizing needs, developing policies, and assuring the accessibility of public and personal health services for citizens within available resources.

Drive-Thru Flu Clinic

Thursday, October 6th City Street Complex 206 N. Brunswick Brookfield 2-6 pm. The office will be closed for regular business on this day.

Prevent. Promote. Protect.

Immunization Services provide protection against harmful illnesses and are essential in protecting the health of children and adults. A number of illnesses can be prevented by vaccinations.

Women’s Health Services offers pap smear screenings, infection checks, clinical breast exams, birth control/contraceptive counseling and reproductive health education for women with Medicaid or to women with no health insurance.

Communicable Disease Services prevents and controls the spread of transmissible disease by education, inspection, surveillance, and vaccination. Diseases can be transmitted in a variety of ways: by animal or insect bites, contaminated food or water, or from person to person.

Environmental Health Services provides wastewater permits, investigations, inspections, sampling, and environmental educational programs.

Caring for the Public, One Person at a Time.